make our thoughts more secure

Q. Do we have security

in internet and computer networks, intranets,

WANs and the like !?

A. The job of a network security engineer

is to make an unsafe environment to a safer place

for the kind of jobs people need to do in it.

Q. Can we make our thoughts more secure

with the type of software and hardware

they use over there !?

A. Of course most stuff used there

can be somehow used for that purpose,

but the best is to use FIREWALLS concept


these WALLS (i.e., firewalls) to your area

(your ears, eyes and then HEARTS).

Q. What is the single, simple

and final word here !?

A. Least possible communication,

with least well-known sources,

in most restricted format and condition

(with regard to time, place,

goal, protocols and so on).

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