karbalaaee self-test Check list

A possible and/or recommended self-test Check list
for the true followers of Imam Husein (PBUH):
Please give a score
between 0 to 10 to each question
depending on the following activities/phases:
0- have you neglect it;
1- have you think about it;
2- have you search for it;
3- have you read about it;
4- have you discuss it;
5- have you act upon it;
6- have you believe it;
7- have you purify your deed on it;
8- have you stood fast on it;
9- have you believe it came from Allah not you;
10- have you believe all such good things is from Allah and all bad is from ourselves;

The topics related to Karbalaa are enormous
and the following are only a sample list:
a- dates
b- places
c- people
d- Imam statements
e- tribes
f- path
g- actual fight
h- martyrs
i- survivals
j- women
k- children
l- tyrants
m- related uprisings
n- Later Imams statement
o- ...
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