In the Name of GOD

1-  Select/mark  the word that is not related to the others:    ((score: 5*1))

    1.1- tiny,  gigantic, enormous, titanic ,        1.2-  result,  outcome,  input,  consequence

    1.3-  resolve. inheritance,  decision,  determination,        

    1.4- main,  original,  logical,  basic             1.5- explicit,  clear,  express,  implicit

2- .هر جمله را به دو جمله تبدیل نمایید (با حداقل کلمات اضافی).                            ((score:3*2))            

2a-   When you define a class, you declare the data that it contains and the code that operates on it.    2b-  While very simple classes might contain only code or only data, most real-world classes  contain both.   2c-  It is important to state at the outset that C# defines several specific flavors of data and function members.

  1. NTFS علامت اختصاری کدام کلمات است؟ ((score:2))            

a) NT Field System                           b) New Technology File System

c) NT File System                                           d) Network File System

  1. پانزده (15) مورد از تکنیکها برای بهبود سطح ترجمه را فقط نام ببرید. ((score:15))            
  2. ترجمه و درخت و نیز درختچه های هر زیرعبارت را دقیقا رسم ومشخص کنید. . ((score:4*4))            

5a- object-oriented programming and relational database management systems

5b- Universal Service Ordering Code

5c- Very High Speed Backbone Network Service
5d- Virtual File Allocation Table
  1. معانی لغات ذیل را بنویسید: . ((score:15*1))            

 a-  Essence,         b-  Descended,   c-   Akin,       d-   Convenient,    e-   Integrated

 f-  CONSTRICT,  g-  Associate,       h-   Retrieve, i-  Bipartite graph, j-  Binomial tree,

 k-  Refutation,      l-  coaxial cable,   m- Polymorphism, n- Greedy,


7. مترادف کلمات ذیل را بنویسید: ((score:6*1))            

a- Rendition , b- Mnemonic , c- Notably,  d- Extension , e- Arbitrary, f- Violations,    

  1. ترجمه متن زیر را ارائه دهید.   8.1- یک عنوان برای هر جمله آن بنویسید. 8.2- درخت یک جمله کامل آنرا دقیقا رسم کنید. ((score:5*2+5*1+2))            

//8a-  You might need to be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to perform some tasks. //8b-  Windows Task Manager provides information about computer performance and displays details about programs and processes running on your computer. //8c-   If you are connected to a network, you can also view network status and see at a glance how your network is functioning.     //8d-  Depending on your work environment and whether you share your computer with other users, you can view additional information about those users.                              //8e-   Using Windows Task Manager, you can also end programs or processes, start programs, and view a dynamic display of your computer's performance.

9- Answer the questions after reading the following text:

//9a-  In the heady, early  days   computers, even sober scientists believed that machines would become “intelligent” and eventually start to think like us.

//9b- That was the promise of artificial intelligence, or AI, in the 1950 s.  And in the 1960s .  And in the 1970s . //9c-  Spectrum, over those decades, believed the gospel of AI evangelists. Among the many articles we ran on the imminence of machine intelligence was one 20 years ago.  //9d-  It prophesied in June 1984  that expert systems – programs that mimic human experts ability to make decisions – would replace air traffic  controllers  by the year 2000,and doctors and scientists within as few as 50 years .

//9e- The debate on whether machines were really intelligent was a favorite topic in conference halls and journal pages. Spectrum was no exception.”  

//9f-  Intelligent  systems will begin to make their way into the world, but few people will consider them to be really intelligent after all,” wrote Robert  Kahn in 1983. 

//9g-  Kahn was one of the founders of the Internet and a former research director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in Arlington ,Va.

 //9h-  But  the  best assessment of AI turned out to be that of a June 1979  letter by reader Joseph Bates from Cornell University, in Ithaca, N.Y., who wrote:  

//9i-  “I believe we are on the road to building artificial intelligence, but considering that we still have a trouble developing correct 10-line programs, it is likely to be a long journey .” 

//9j-  Bates was right, and the journey continues for AI researchers.

//9k-  As   for machines usurping humans, so far computers have made inroads on only a couple of fronts: telephone switchboards and grandmaster chessboards.

9.A   Translate the text.            ((score:10))            

9.B   Suggest  two topics for the text.       ((score:2*1))            

9.C  By reading the passage what is meant by Spectrum? .       ((score:2))

9.D  Summarize the text as a small sentence.        ((score:3))

9.E   Write Synonyms for journal and intelligence..       ((score:2*1))

10       - ده پیشوند و ده پسوند را با نوع تاثیر آن در کلمه و نیز معنی و مثال (غیرمشابه) ارائه نمایید ((score:20))

11       متن ذیل را fبه انگلیسی ترجمه نمایید. هر جمله را دقیقا مشخص نمایید.((score:15))

//1- امروزه جی میل به یکی از سریعترین، غنی ترین وراحت ترین سرویس های ای میل تبدیل شده است .//2-  وبا داشتن ظرفییت نامحدود وهم چنین امکانات متنوع از محبوب ترین سرویس های رایگان ای میل به شمار می رود. //3- به کمک روشی که در ادامه باهم مرور خواهیم کرد می توانید تمام ای میل های خود را که سرویس "پاپ تری"عرضه می کند را از طریق جی میل دریافت منتقل یا ارسال کنید.                                                                موفق باشید