Q. Do I let some, with my own permission,
know/see/record/ ... what I think
and do at any moment (7-24 ) !?

Ans. I know GOD Almighty knows
and so are those with HIM.
Therefore I indeed let such people
have access to such information with my permission.

Q. If so (the above),
why not allow people/members of
a company, party, group, ...
access to such information !?
What if they pay you N-folds
and give you a much better needed job !?

Ans. Again it depends on
my way of thinking and theology/ideology.
This is the promise ALLAH (JJ) has given us
that I [GOD] know everything
and I [GOD] allow to do what you want
if you are really on the RIGHT PATH
(i.e., you have access to all you want
- and I [GOD] know
you do not misuse your permission ). {گرفتی!؟}